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We are highly proficient React Native Developers with over a decade of experience building iOS and Android applications. Delivering apps across a range of industries at global organisations, scale-ups and start-ups with a proven ability in setting and achieving realistic deadlines.

At Blue Pixl we specialise in:

  • React Native iOS and Android
  • JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Secure authentication with Keychain, Keystore and Biometrics and SSL Certificate Pinning
  • Payments integrations with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Stripe and Adyen
  • In-app payments with React Native IAP and RevenueCat
  • Continuous Integration and Delivery with Bitrise, CodePush, Fastlane, GitHub Actions, Gitlab Pipelines, Azure and AppCenter
  • Unit, integration and end-to-end tests with Jest and React Native Testing Library and Detox
  • AB and ABn testing with Firebase and Google Analytics
  • Analytics with Firebase, Segment and Mixpanel
  • Crash reporting with Sentry and Crashlytics
  • Performance monitoring with Sentry, Firebase and Flipper
  • State management with Redux, Redux Toolkit, Redux Sagas, React Apollo, Recoil and React Context
  • State persistence with MMKV Storage and Async Storage
  • Communicating with GraphQL and RESTful API’s with Axios, Apollo, React Query and Fetch
  • React Native bridges
  • Animations using Lottie and React Native Reanimated
  • App Store and Google Play Store release process
  • New React Native Architecture including JSI, Fabric and Turbo Modules
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Pets at Home
Helped Pets at Home rebuild their iOS and Android apps with React Native, focussing on the Search, Order and Checkout journeys.
Pets at Home Logo
Nando's UK & IRE
Worked with Nando's for 2 years adding new features and helping them improve the app rating from 2.2 to 4.7 on iOS and 3.6 to 4.7 on Android.
Nando's UK & IRE logo
Gluten Free Scanner
Check in seconds if food products are gluten free by simply scanning the barcode. Gluten Free Scanner works with millions of products and has organically grown to over 200,000 users in over 160 countries.
Gluten Free Scanner logo
Tally Money
Led the rebuild of Tally Money's React Native iOS and Android apps over 9 months, focussing on security and performance.
Tally Money logo
Transformed Perkbox's React Native iOS and Android apps over 19 months to achieve the business objective of being mobile first; moving away from their previous reliance on their web app.
Perkbox Icon
WaitWhat Masters of Scale
Consulted with WaitWhat over 4 months updating their legacy app and fixing issues to improve their crash free rate from 86% to 98%.
Masters of Scale logo
Noughts and Crosses
A modern take on the classic pen and paper game. The most customisable Noughts and Crosses on the App Store featuring 4 difficulties and available in 15 languages.
Noughts and Crosses logo
Worked with ROXi TV for 4 months helping them fix bugs and add new features to their React Native TV app.
ROXi TV logo
Strategised to increase AutiQuest's user base by implementing new features. Maintained both iOS and Android apps and fixed bugs.
I Am Vegan: Translations
Communicating food requirements whilst travelling in remote destinations can be a challenge. I Am Vegan is the answer to this with over 100 translations that are all available offline.
I Am Vegan logo
Social Distancing Game
The aim of this game is to avoid people walking towards you by tilting your device. This game works completely offline so no internet connection is required.
Social Distancing Game logo


Please email us at or message Stuart Jones on LinkedIn if you have any queries.