Blue Pixl Ltd

React Native Consultancy



We are highly proficient React Native Developers with over 7 years experience building hybrid mobile applications for iOS and Android. Delivering apps across a range of industries at global organisations, scale-ups and start-ups with a proven ability in setting and achieving realistic deadlines.

At Blue Pixl we specialise in:

  • React Native iOS and Android
  • JavaScript, TypeScript and Flow
  • Secure authentication with Keychain, Keystore, Biometrics and SSL Certificate Pinning
  • CI with GitHub Actions, Gitlab Pipelines, Azure, AppCenter and Bitrise
  • Automated tests with Detox, Jest and React Native Testing Library
  • Deployments with CodePush and Fastlane
  • Redux, Redux Toolkit, Redux Sagas, Apollo and React Context
  • GraphQL and RESTful API’s
  • React Native bridges
  • Animations using React Native Reanimated and Lottie
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Nando's UK & IRE
Helping Nando's UK & IRE improve their customer facing React Native iOS and Android apps.
Nando's UK & IRE logo
Tally Money
Led the rebuild of Tally Money's React Native iOS and Android apps over 9 months, focussing on security and performance.
Tally Money logo
Transformed Perkbox's React Native iOS and Android apps over 19 months to achieve the business objective of being mobile first; moving away from their previous reliance on their web app.
Perkbox Icon
Noughts and Crosses
A modern take on the classic pen and paper game. The most customisable Noughts and Crosses on the App Store featuring 4 difficulties and available in 15 languages.
Noughts and Crosses logo
I Am Vegan: Translations
Communicating food requirements whilst travelling in remote destinations can be a challenge. I Am Vegan is the answer to this with over 100 translations that are all available offline.
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Please email us at or message Stuart Jones on LinkedIn if you have any queries.